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Monkey Cliff Diving
Play a variety of monkeys and have them dive off into the ocean. If they live you'll get to do it again.

rated 3 out of 5

played 7376 times
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Jigsaw Puzzle Monkey
Timed play where you put together puzzles of monkeys.

rated 3.01 out of 5

played 6080 times
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Jeu De Singe
The graphics are so bad in this game they make me laugh. You're a monkey in a tree. Throw leaves at the approaching crocodile.

rated 2.99 out of 5

played 6081 times
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Coco's Penalty Shoot Out
A soccer game with a monkey. Kick it into the goal--not the monkey, the ball.

rated 3 out of 5

played 6451 times
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Bibo 2
Monkeys killing other monkeys. And with machine gun weaponry. Will monkeys ever develop a peace movement?

rated 2.99 out of 5

played 6111 times
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