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Target Practice
This is a basic starter for shooting newbies. In other words, it starts slow enough that you won't get frustrated if you shoot like crap.

rated 3.01 out of 5

played 1755 times
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The Professionals
No, it's not about hookers. This is another great shooting game with excellent backgrounds. Practice your skills, I'm sure you'll be causing some political unrest some day.

rated 3.01 out of 5

played 1654 times
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Penguin Arcade
There's nothing more fun than shooting flightless birds with ice cubes.

rated 3 out of 5

played 1702 times
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Kwik Shot
Despite the poor spelling, this is a good clay pigeon shooting game with a beautiful view.

rated 3 out of 5

played 1557 times
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You never think about it but Doctors must have good aim. Shoot your patient up as he bares his ass, but don't miss too much or he could be going to the emergency room and you'll be going to court.

rated 3.07 out of 5

played 18021 times
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Ice Cream Challenge
It's a mad chef! And the only thing that will cool him down is if you throw ice cream at him. Hmm, I would think throwing ice cream at a person would make them madder.

rated 3 out of 5

played 1644 times
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David Blaine Assassination Game
The creator who made this game must really not like David Blaine. And apparently there is an afterlife for David Blaine, a kind of techno hell.

rated 3.01 out of 5

played 1651 times
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Camper Strike
Great shooting game. Nice backgrounds and gun animation.

rated 3.01 out of 5

played 1728 times
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Aderan Forest
The forest is under attack by creatures that I can't even begin to describe (okay, some of them are short and fat).

rated 3.04 out of 5

played 2702 times
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