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Legend of Hiro
This is an RPG where you explore as a character named Hiro. You start by being awakened by Grandpa because all heroes really begin as lazy, useless kids.

rated 3 out of 5

played 1948 times
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The land of Drakonteiros hides dark, magical secrets. Only the bravest of warriors, or stupidly naive, will discover those secrets.

rated 3 out of 5

played 2058 times
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Chrono Trigger
A group of young adventurers are transported through time and discover that the world is doomed--no, no, not from Global Warming. As usual they must save us all.

rated 2.97 out of 5

played 2094 times
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Your object is to turn magical runes into gold. If only the stock market were this easy.

rated 2.98 out of 5

played 1881 times
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